Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee
The Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee (formerly known as the Environmental Advisory Committee) studies environmental issues and makes recommendations to the City Commission on their implementation. Committee members volunteer their time to carry out recommended projects. This committee generally meets on the third Thursday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at the Library. The ESAC has done work in, among other things, solid waste (recycling and expansion of yard waste), energy conservation (promoting energy audits, workshops on easy ways to save energy and money), sustainability, expansion of safe biking (recommended to the Commission to paint Sharows on city streets well known as bike routes), water conservation (bi-annual rain barrel sales). They look to expand into other environmental issues such as promoting NO IDLING within the city. They are always open to new ideas and directions.
Energy Vision Statement
In 2019, the City adopted the “City of Huntington Woods Energy Plan 2019” prepared by EcoWorks.  The City recognizes the importance of creating an atmosphere that promotes sustainability in all City decision-making and serves as an example to our residents.  To that end, the City adopts the following Municipal Energy Vision Statement.
The City of Huntington Woods recognizes and embraces the importance of managing our energy usage to create sustainable municipal operations.  Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the well-being of future generations.  By identifying policies, practices, facilities and resources that impact our energy usage, the City will become carbon neutral and create positive outcomes today and in the years ahead.

Being responsible and informed energy consumers, the City will demonstrate leadership and provide an example to residents and other small communities.  A sustainable Huntington Woods showcases a commitment to a green future and building resilience against extreme weather.  Taking action to manage our energy usage enables residents to learn about energy efficiency and encourage individual commitments to sustainability.  Our operations can become a model and testing ground for solutions.
A forward-thinking energy plan can produce long-term financial impacts for the City’s budget.  Actions that support sustainability will generate long-term cost savings that will benefit residents of the future.
Adopted : April 2, 2019
City of Huntington Woods Energy Plan 

Staff contact: Chris Wilson, City Manager

Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee   (10 members)

Betsy Zobl-Tar 
Sean Kristl
Mari Masaline Cooper
Ben Falik
David Egan
Sarah Jo Sautter
Daniel Brooks
Kate Zenlea
Sophie Hart
Rachel Pollack 

Student Representative: Jane Heller

Commission Liaison: Michelle Elder


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