Communication Committee

Communication Committee
In 2014, the City created a Communication Committee as a response to the rain event of that year, seeking better communication between the City and residents. The Committee met regularly during the first half of 2015 and once in 2017 after a significant windstorm. At that time, the Committee reviewed the City’s communication channels, suggested updates, and provided guidance on when and how to communicate with residents. Mostly, they met on as-needed basis.

In 2019, the City Commission reactivated the Communication Committee, which began meeting regularly to review methods and purposes of communication, this time expanding the work beyond emergency situations to assess and evaluate City communications year-round. The Commission would like the Committee to make recommendations on how to improve the City's communication effectiveness.

Also in 2019, the City engaged the communications firm Your:People to assist City staff and the Communication Committee. A Communications Audit was prepared, and the Communication Committee has been reviewing its recommendations and making changes to the City’s communication strategy. During the fall of 2020, the Committee conducted a communication survey of residents to assess the City’s communication effectiveness and determine how best to meet resident needs.

Staff contact:  Bridget Levine

2020 Communication Audit
2020 Communications Survey Executive Summary

Advisory Communications Committee Members (7 members)
Will Butler
Ilene Cantor
Chera Reid
David Welch
Lauren Willens
Krista Jahnke
Sue Tanner

Commission liaison:  Mayor Paul

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