Notice of Weed Control Ordinance

Notice is hereby given to the owners and occupants of parcels of land in the City of Huntington Woods that any growth of grass or weeds greater than 6 inches in height on the average, or noxious or harmful vegetation not cut by May 1, 2022 will be cut or lawfully destroyed by the City.  The cost of cutting is a minimum fee of $150 for lots with less than 60’ frontage and $200 for lots over 60’ of frontage and will be collected as a special assessment against the premises.  A civil fine of $100 for one offense, $250 for two offenses and $500 for three or more offences will be charged, in addition to the cost of cutting.  The City will cut long grass or weeds or destroy noxious or harmful vegetation between May 1, 2022 and October 1, 2022 as many times as is necessary to keep the property in compliance with the Code.

City of Huntington Woods
Heidi Barckholtz
City Clerk

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