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Weathering Winter

BE ADVISED. A Snow Emergency will be in effect for any snow amounting to 4" or more. During a snow emergency you MAY NOT park your vehicle in the street. Any vehicle left in the street may be ticketed or, in some cases, towed.

DPW Hometown Herald pages: winter 2015/2016

Streets & Fleets:  Winter Snow and Ice

Be Considerate. Keep Your Snow on Your Property & Keep Streets Clear
If you use a snow removal service or you do your own snow plowing or blowing to remove the snow from your driveway, please keep the snow on your property. Do not blow or push the snow into or across the street. This can create huge mounds for your neighbor and piles of snow in the street even after the plows have been through. Big mounds next to your neighbor’s driveway make it difficult for them to shovel the snow off their own drive and can block their visibility. Piles of snow in the street become matted down and may cause slick and dangerous driving conditions.

All of us remember the long stretches of truly cold weather last winter. Super cold weather can play havoc with home plumbing causing pipes to break. If temperatures do fall below freezing for an extended period of time, freezing pipes can be prevented by leaving a cold water faucet dripping slightly overnight or at any time that the water may go unused for a length of time such as while you are at work all day. While you will pay for the water dripping, it is far less costly than a burst pipe. If you will be away, consider turning off your water at the meter. This will prevent flooding should a pipe burst.

In addition, keep your water meter, usually found in your basement along the front wall, exposed to the heat in your house. This will also reduce the chance of pipes and your meter freezing.

Public Safety and Public Works departments appreciate your help keeping hydrants clear of snow. This effort is important for the safety of us all.

While every attempt is made to broom the sidewalks, homeowners are still responsible to see that the walks are kept clear. Compliance allows for uninterrupted mail delivery as well as for children and adults to easily move throughout the City. NOTE: if you park near or across the sidewalk, the City will be unable to broom your walk and perhaps that of your neighbor. Be considerate. REMEMBER, due to budget constraints, sidewalks will NOT be swept on overtime. DPW does have a short broom route near the school and central city offices which is done first. After that, DPW starts sidewalk snow sweeping in a different part of the city each time it snows. With only two brooms and sometimes needing to act in tandem, it may take awhile to get to your house. Be considerate and, consider, shoveling a path for those walking.

Recycling & Trash Collection
Collection is rarely delayed due to weather considerations.  PLEASE keep your containers and bags out of the street and place them on the easement or the end of your driveway.  Containers and bags in the street interfere with snow removal and may be damaged or torn open.  At times these will get buried in the snow or stuck to the asphalt if the temperature drops.  You really don't want winter's left overs in the spring!


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