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2024 Trash and Recycling Collection Dates of Note:
Unless noted below, trash and recycling collection is not delayed, and all items should be at the curb by 7:00 am on Tuesdays.

Christmas 2023: Collection delayed to Wed, 12/27/23
New Year’s 2024: Delayed until Wed, 1/3/24
Bagged Yard Waste Collection Begins:  Tues, 4/2/24
Memorial Day: Collection delayed until Wed, 5/29/24
Independence Day: No delay in collection
Labor Day: Collection delayed to Wed, 9/4/24
Thanksgiving: No change
Last Bagged Yard Waste Pickup: Tues, 12/10/24
Christmas 2024:  No delay in collection
New Year's 2025:  No delay in collection

For the most current recycling information, always check SOCRRA’s website.

What can I recycle curbside?
All Paper-  If you can tear it and write on it, you can recycle it!  Exceptions: napkins, paper towels or greasy items (greasy paper plates or pizza boxes with a little spot of grease are OK, but please remove the extra pizza.)
All Plastic Containers- with or without a recycling symbol or number, except Styrofoam which can be dropped off at SOCRRA
All Glass Bottles and Jars- regardless of color
Metal Cans

Helpful hints:
* Remove food and rinse recyclables to eliminate odor and discourage critters.  Keep HW a rodent free zone.
* Cardboard should be cut down and places inside your cart.
* Plastic bags (clear or see-through) can be used for recycling  office paper, shredded paper and junk mail.
* Plastic bags should NOT be placed in your cart. They can be dropped off at many local grocery stores. Please visit www.plasticfilmrecycling.org. Using their recycling locator, you can enter your zip code to find retail locations near you.
RECYCLING CARTS ARE FOR RECYCLING ONLY.  NO TRASH OR YARD WASTE ALLOWED.  If you use your cart improperly, you will be required to empty the material in your cart into appropriate containers.

How do I recycle Styrofoam?
You can currently drop off Styrofoam at the SOCRRA Drop Off Center location. You can now drop off the following items: Cups and takeout containers; Egg cartons; Rinsed meat trays; Food trays/lunch trays; but No Styrofoam Peanuts. Clean styrofoam peanuts might be accepted at mailing retailers. Call first. All items must be rinsed. Styrofoam placed in your cart will end up in the landfill.

How do I recycle tires?
Tires are not accepted at the curb as it is against Michigan law to place tires in a landfill. These can be recycled at any location that handles tires.  There may be a small charge.

For information on what to do with easy (curbside/drop-off) and hard-to-recycle items check SOCRRA's Recycling Page.  Take a moment and sign up for the SOCRRA e-newsletter on recycling, which comes out monthly.

What can’t I recycle?  The short list of what’s left.


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